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"I learned that love doesn’t hold its tongue and passion doesn’t bow to what ‘they’ think. Sometimes it’s painful to be brave, to look fear in the face - and know Your name."

Steffany Gretzinger 

'I spoke up'- The undoing 

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My next tattoo and favorite song by Hillsong United
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changing is for weirdos | via Tumblr unter We Heart It.
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Which color dominates in your library? (cartoon) http://ift.tt/RtWgGB
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Everytime I open a book there she lies. Dressed all in white sitting there smiling waiting for the photo to be taken. A photo to commemorate the happiest day of her life. A day where people can’t help but be idealistic, hopeful, and dare I say it, naive? It was her wedding day. A picture that I had never quite seen until she was gone. Come to think of it, I have never seen any of her wedding pictures. Which made sense at the time, why  have pictures of such a happy moment that was meant to last, but didn’t. She’s gone now and all I have left of her is a wedding picture that she never showed me. A picture that stares back at me everytime I hold whichever book I am currently reading: the picture, that’s all that I have left. A picture, one that I will keep with me always. To remind me of the strong, beautiful, God fearing woman that I have loved for all of my life. I love you grandma. I will never forget you. 

Love always, Rebeca